Sustainability is the essential.

CarbonX’s Integrated Business Policy encompasses all environmental, health & safety, and quality best practices.
Social Responsibility
Diversity, Inclusion and Labour Practices
Maintain zero waste diversion to landfill;

Minimal wastewater production from our processes;

No direct emissions and substantial net environmental benefits via indirect greenhouse gas emissions reduction;

Collaboration across the supply corporate commitment to sustainability chain to implement the highest environmental standards.
Diverting lithium-ion batteries from landfill to sustainable resource recovery;

Creating ethical sourcing opportunities through secondary resources;

Electrification of operational processes;

Local community engagement, including Fill it Forward and giving back campaigns.
Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for all employees and stakeholders;

Encouraging employee engagement in health and wellness initiatives;

Supporting a diverse work environment, as well as the fair treatment of all employees;

Minimal lost time injury (LTI).

ESG practices

We believe that a balanced and sustainable society is within reach by actively fulfilling ESG responsibilities.
Environmental protection and sustainable development
Social responsibility and stakeholder relationships
Risk management and long-term value creation

We are committed to doing our part to create a safer, cleaner, and healthier world