Batteries are still valuable at the end of life.

By offering an environmentally friendly and cost-effective recycling solution for lithium-ion batteries, we establish a secondary global raw material supply.

This supply contributes to meeting the demand for essential battery materials and plays a crucial role in securing a more sustainable future for our planet.”

Our recycling lines are designed according to the international environmental protection agencies' standards to ensure the minimal consumption of power electricity and pollution.

Through the reuse of the water our technology can save the most important natural resource on earth, beyond that the use of solar power is our pioneer strategy for the cleanest lithium-ion battery recycling.

How it works?


Battery recycling aims to recover valuable metals and components from battery waste.


Lithium recovery rate.


Cobalt/nickel recovery rate.


%-D %!D:Day,Days; %H %!H:hour,hours; %M %!M:min,mins; %S %!S:sec,secs;

Black mass

Lithium carbonate

Cobalt sulphate

Manganese carbonate

Nickel sulphate

Battery Second Life

Optimizing the value of EOL batteries by extending the useful life is the most respecteful with the ressources. Reuse and repurpose cells and modules before recycling reduce the environmental impact of battery industry
How we do it?


%-D %!D:Day,Days; %H %!H:hour,hours; %M %!M:min,mins; %S %!S:sec,secs;

House hold energy



Portable power supply

Power bank

Small tool car


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